Oklahoma Reserve Champion

Matt Sandmann Crowned Oklahoma Auctioneer Reserve Champion

Wow! Is all I can say. First allow me to begin this is not a brag post it is a thank you to some awesome people (maybe a little brag). We just got back from the 2019 Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Convention and man let me tell you it was fantastic. The absolutely best part was our entire family was able to attend. Dawna and both girls.

We attend this conference because we care about you. Yes, you our sellers and our buyers. We want to provide you with the finest quality auction service in Southern Oklahoma and this is how we fine tune ourselves: through education and contests. We gained valuable information which benefits the auction industry and our auctions we hold for you. We are proud to be members of the Oklahoma Association and the National Auctioneers Association, because it is through these types of organizations sellers and buyers can find premier auction professionals.

Now, you may have read contests and thought “how does that benefit me”? Well We want to strive to provide the highest quality auction anywhere and that includes down to the work behind the microphone. However the contest is more than fast talking it is about being a good steward and ambassador for the industry. Which means taking care of you.

This year I was honored to be able to take home the Reserve Champion title for Oklahoma! However, the most impactful part of the experience was having my wife and daughters at the conference. If you have ever been to our sales, we sell as a family. We are the auction family, and we were able to spend the time together enjoying and taking the best of the Oklahoma auction industry.

We will see you next time and if we can help you sell to the highest bidder let us know. (580) 775- 3539