Plan Or Not To  Plan

Plan Or Not To Plan

Over Christmas my wife and I were so excited. For the first year we would get to host my family’s Christmas on Christmas morning. We bought bacon, thawed blue and gold, Biscuits prepped and had everything planned. We were ready! Then the local end of the year virus struck our house and we were unable to host  the big family shindig. Sometimes bad luck happens. However, we were prepped and ready and didn’t wait to the last minute to plan Christmas Breakfast.

There are an unseeable amount of obstacles in the way of successful sales. However, it is not worth the procrastination to make the lack of planning one of them.  So many times I get a call about an auction on short notice. Sometimes they are pie auctions or benefits and I have even had estate auctions where the seller forgot to plan with an auctioneer to market their products.

Auctions and any type of sales are built on the success of marketing. When sellers wait to the last minute to consult with their auctioneer or marketing person, all they are doing is decreasing the value of their assets. I cannot speak for every auction company out there, but we work on commission 99/100 times, and we want you to make more money. If our seller makes more then we make more!

We may not be able to plan for every bug, but lets avoid the easy ones and let us, Sandmann Auction LLC, come and help you plan your auction for the spring!

Thanks everyone,