Auction Team

Matthew Sandmann

Matthew is a first generation auctioneer. He is the lead auctioneer and owner of Sandmann Auction LLC. He is a board member for the Oklahoma State Auctioneer Association. Matthew not only  is the lead auctioneer, but also manages the marketing strategies for auction  sales, as well as, managing and contracting auctions to help his community.

Matt grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma raising cattle and pecans. He was raised in Atoka County, and he, his wife, Dawna, and daughters continue raising cattle near Lane, OK. He is a Graduate of OSU and SNU and currently teaches high school history  in addition to owning / operating Sandmann Auction LLC.

Dawna Sandmann

Dawna is Co-owner of Sandmann Auction LLC. Her and Matthew are married with 2 little girls; Abby and Cate.  Dawna runs the office trailer on auction day.  Abby and Cate are staff in training.