Sandmann Services

What We Do and How We Can Help

Traditional Auctions

We help market property via the auction method. We work to maximize assets to the highest bidder. 

Online Auctions

We want to market your assets in the most effective manner. Sometimes, it is best to use an online platform to reach the largest number of potential buyers. 

Fundraising Auctions

One of the great joys of the auction industry, is helping raise money for non-profits and great causes. We work with organizations to raise the most money for their cause. 


Auctions are more than talking fast. We market assets. Traditionally assets are taken to buyers, we bring buyers to your assets.  

Professional and Personal

We provide a professional quality, however, we don’t forget what matters and provide a personal service to all our sellers and buyers. 

Problem Solvers

We help people solve problems. We help people liquidate assets, estates, commercial, or otherwise. We help raise money for charity, but we want to help you solve your problems, the auction way.